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Justin Allard dot com is my new website and that is where all of my new content is going, so go check it out!


I've made a decision

I've decided to just leave abRANDOM where it is, and use Justin Allard dot com for all of my future posts. I will continue to upload the podcast to Gcast, and I will upload an enhanced AAC version at Justin Allard dot com slash blog for download that will feature pictures of whatever Bryan and I are talking about at the given time. So, for now on, I will be making all future posts Justin Allard dot com slash blog, but I will maintain the old podcast feed.

EDIT 11.27.08: Scratch the podcast. I haven't made an episode in over two years. Scratch the whole slash blog. It's just my blog now. Speaking of my blog go check it out over at Justin Allard dot com!



I am moving to my new site Justin Allard dot com, so sit tight.



Last.fm has introduced some new flash widgets, and I have embeded two of them in my blog's sidebar. Here they are as well.



If you're looking for some nice dual monitor wallpaper you should definitely check out mandolux. Even if dual monitors aren't your thing they have some nice single monitor wallpaper as well as wallpaper for 3 to 4 plus monitors. Just click the archive link on the page linked to to browse a bunch of the wallpaper, and click a different year for even more.


NeXT: A successful boot

Let me give you a little history lesson: When Steve Jobs left Apple, he went and created the company NeXT. The developed NeXT Step, later changed the name to OpenStep. During this time, the Sculley era, Apple had dug itself a deep hole. The went from dominating the PC industry to a failure, almost having to declare bankruptcy. Then Apple bought NeXT and therefore Steve Jobs, and the NeXT code became part of OS X. So, in a sense, OpenStep is OS X version 10.-3.

So, I have gotten my hands on a copy of OpenStep and was able to get it running in Parallels. Here's some screenshots of it. Be sure to follow the links on the pictures to their Flickr pages to see some notes on the pics.

Flickr Page

Flickr Page


3 Weeks Left!

Only 3 more weeks of actual instruction of school left! And then one week of finals, but that doesn't really count because those are half days. I sure can't wait until summer! I'm really looking forward to doing tech with James for Vacation Bible School at my church this year. I'm also looking forward to going to camp with my youth group this summer. It should be a lot of fun. Also, for the Fourth of July we are going to be at Pismo Beach for about a week, that should be a lot of fun as well. It seems like I have a fun summer ahead, I sure can't wait!

Oh, by the way, I know this post has nothing to do with technology, but it does involve happenings around town ;)


An Unfortunate Placement of a Yahoo Ad

The picture is all you really need to get a good laugh. (For those that don't know a 404 is an error that you get when your web browser can't find a specific page on a website). Flickr Photo Page


Transmisison 0.71 Fixes Announce Issue

The new update to the Macintosh Bit Torrent client Transmission got an update that fixes the announce issue that had it banned from many private trackers. Now I finally have a light-weight client to use on my Mac. I had been previously using Azureus 2.5. It has a lot of features, but it is just very heavy ,so to speak, as an Apple app.


Domain Names

I finally got around to registering a domain name. It is justinallard.com. You won't find anything there just yet. I haven't set up any hosting service, I just registered the domain mostly for future use. By fear not! Hopefully by this summer I will get some hosting and do some mucking around in DreamWeaver.

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